Scholarship Facility

Scholars for underprivledged students.

Books & Library

Access to library and books for all students.

Certified Teachers

We have a team of qualified teachers.

Nazim Ul Umoor

Message from Chairman

Islam is a very natural and practical religion allowing everyone to take sanctuary in it. Nonetheless, the great amount of ignorance about Islam which is constantly being reinforced by the media and society had actually inspired me to explore this subject.Jamia ul Uloom is the solution to this problem. This institution is established to recreate that balanced Muslim that got lost somewhere in our history. Let us come together to reach this goal in a united way.



The School with Islamic and Contemporary Education. We are commited to make your children's life better in both ways



Jamia Ul Uloom is a school located in Kanipora area of district Budgam Jammu and Kashmir with both religious (Islamic ) and contemporary education.

A prominent and well known Institute meant for providing moral as well as contemporary education , established in 2006, sponsored by the registered trust namely JAMIA UL ULOOM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETYJ&K. This institution is managed by an executive body nominated by the JAMIA UL ULOOM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY J&K.

Aims & Objectives

  • Universalization of Education.
  • Education aimed at character building.
  • Cultivating social, moral and spiritual values.
  • Promotion of culture and civilization through reorganizing human experience.
  • To achieve the utilitarian value to meet out the economic ends of the life.
  • Fulfil their duty towards the reformation of the society and eradication of social and domestic evils.